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Research report

Research news

May to September 2013


Congratulations to Diana Petrarca and Jia Li, who received SSHRC SRGs this month. These funds are used to support future SSHRC funding applications. 

On Wednesday, September 4, we will launch the Digital Literacies Research and Development Lab in Room 210. 

Faculty research initiatives

There are two faculty research initiatives this year:

  1. Durham District School Board (DDSB) initiative, which includes running workshops for teachers and students at two community schools and bringing the students into our DLRD Lab for sessions.
  2. IS iPad Pilot project, involving Section 1 of the IS groups

If you are interested in being involved in the research for either or both of these studies, please contact Janette Hughes at ext. 2875. Funding is currently being sought for the DDSB/UOIT partnership. 

Faculty research - recent contributions:

It has been a busy spring and summer for our faculty members who have attended conferences and written articles, chapters and books. The following list is by no means comprehensive, as we were unable to gather information from everyone before this report was due. Their work will be featured in the next Research Report.

  • vanOostveen, R. and Desjardins, F. (2013). Developing and implementing a new online Bachelor Program: Formal Adoption of Videoconferencing and Social Networking as a Step Towards m-Learning. A full paper presentation for the IADIS e-Learning 2013 Conference, July 23 to 26, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

  • DiGiuseppe, M., Partosoedarso, E., vanOostveen, R. and Desjardins, F. (2013). Exploring competency development with mobile devices. A short paper presentation for the IADIS e-Learning 2013 Conference, July 23-26, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

  • An additional presentation, related to the second presentation listed above, was given by Elita and Maurice at EdMedia.

  • DiGiuseppe, M., Partosoedarso, E., vanOostveen, R. and Desjardins, F. (2013). Exploring university students’ use of ICT. A poster presentation for the EdMedia 2013 Conference, June 24-28, 2013, Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Shirley Van Nuland attended the 57th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching in Thailand in June.  She is currently on the organizing committee for the 58th World Assembly of ICET, which will be hosted at UOIT in June 2014.

  • Elizabeth Childs has been working on a Phase 2 Interim Report: Gap and Opportunity Analysis. The Phase 2 Gap and Opportunity analysis in the Alberta Distance Education Review Project reviewed the Phase 1 data (12 sites), the literature and Alberta Education policy documents (15) against the data analysis framework that emerged from Phase 1 work. As Phase 2 and Phase 3 (five sites) data collection were conducted in parallel during the Spring 2013, some of the observations pertinent to Phase 3 have been included in the data that informed the Phase 2 Interim Report. Schmidt & Carbol Consulting Group Inc. (2013). Alberta Distance Education Review Project Phase 2 Interim Report Gap and Opportunity Analysis. Edmonton, AB: Author.

  • Webinar presentation: Childs, E. (2013, July 9). Technology in the Classroom [Webinar]. In BCREA Webinar Series. Retrieved from This webinar is the first in what is to be a series of webinars to support the work of the 100-plus instructor community of the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA). BCREA is moving to a blended model of training delivery and transitioning to a more learner-centred, inquiry-based approach to the design and delivery of the regulated training they provide members. The webinar series is one means by which BCREA is providing support to instructors as they navigate this changing paradigm.

  • Thumlert, K. and de Castell, S: (2013) Short Cuts and Extended Techniques, EDMEDIA Proceedings, Victoria, BC, June 24-28.

  • de Castell, S. (2013) Mirror Images: Avatar Identity and Aesthetics. American Education Research Association Annual Conference, 2013. San Francisco, California.

  • Taylor, N., Jenson, J. and de Castell, S. (2013). We came to play: Studying MMOGs in public settings. International Communication Association, June 17-21, London, England.

  • de Castell, S: BeingT/Here, Visual Culture, forthcoming (special issue on McLuhan's Understanding Media)

  • de Castell, S., Droumeva, M., and Jenson, J. "Building as Interface: Sustainable Educational Ecologies" Medienpaedagogik Online Journal ( Special Issue on Educational Media Ecologies.

  • de Castell, S. and Droumeva, M. McLuhan meets Convergence Culture: Towards a new multimodal discourse. For volume of McLuhan 100 Essays, McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology Conference, U of T, 2010. Under Review.

  • Hughes, J. and Morrison, L. (in press). Facebook to Explore Adolescent Identities. Special Issue: Facebook in Education, International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments. Inderscience Publishers.

  • Hughes, J., Thompson, S., and Burke, A. (in press). The Writing is on my Wall: Engagement and LearNING through Social Networking. The International Journal of Technologies in Learning. Common Ground Publications.

  • Hughes, J. and Thompson, S. (2013). ImMEDIAte Gratification: Examining the Use of Mobile Devices in Adolescents' In-School and Out-of-School Lives. Learning Landscapes Special Issue: Teaching and Learning in the Digital World, 6(2), pp. 185-205.

  • Hughes, J. (in press). iPoetry: Exploring iDentity through Poetry and Digital Media. Making Poetry Happen. Sage Publications.

  • Hughes, J., Morrison, L. and Thompson, S. (in press). Who Do You Think You Are? An examination of the off/online identities of adolescents using a social networking site. YOUTH 2.0: CONNECTING, SHARING AND EMPOWERING? Affordances, Uses and Risks of Social Media. University of Antwerp Press.

  • Laffier, J. (2013). Hero Power vs. Coward Power: A Life Choice for Youth. At the Edge: Creating Direction for Peace and Justice, Memorial University.
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