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How is the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program different from a typical undergraduate program?

The focus of the program is not on ‘getting grades’ but on building competency as a teacher. Assignments are completed individually or in groups, and will be frequent yet shorter in length than those in other undergraduate programs. All courses will have an online component to them, which involves everything from accessing material to participating in discussion boards.

Assessment in the program is based on numerous assignments, professionalism, full engagement and participation in class. There are few, if any, tests or exams in the program and assignments are not given during the Field Experience time periods.

How do I log on to MyCampus?

Your MyCampus username is your student identification number (e.g. 100234567) and the initial password is your date of birth in the format MMDDYY.

What are Foundation Fridays? 

Fridays are either field experience observation, professional development or curriculum enrichment days. Please refer to the BEd Program Calendar for the most current information. 

What is the cost for parking and local transit?

Please see the Parking Services section of the university's website for information about parking services and fees. For information about local transit and commuting to the university, visit the Getting here by transit page.

What are the due dates for tuition fees?

Please see the Tuition and fees section of the university's website for more information.

Are there entrance scholarships available for students?

Yes, UOIT does offer entrance scholarships. More information can be found in the Scholarships and bursaries section of the university's website. 

What is the classroom/university dress code? 

The Faculty of Education dress code requires you to dress appropriately and in a way that reflects positively on you as a teacher candidate.

Do I have access to gym facilities?

Yes, gym access is included in your ancillary fees. The gym is located in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre at the north Oshawa campus location.

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