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Assignments must always reflect a professional form and comply with assignment criteria.

Provide documentation and supporting references (using APA Style Guide) where appropriate.

It is good practice to keep a copy of all assignments you have submitted - both electronic and paper.

Submitting assignments 

Assignment criteria are specified in the detailed assignment descriptions. Read them carefully to be sure you have fulfilled all aspects of the requirements.

Late assignments

  • Non-negotiated late assignment:
    This is an assignment that has been handed in after stated deadline and there has not been a verbal, contractual agreement between you and the professor to extend the deadline for the assignment. This assignment is considered late and will be assigned a grade of zero.
  • Negotiated late assignment:
    This is an assignment that has been handed in late but with the permission of the professor. With your professor, you must have mutually agreed on the time/extension, and penalty (if applicable) you will receive, to hand in the assignment.

Assignments are due on the day indicated unless the following occurs:

Extenuating circumstances 

Your professor will consider, on an individual basis, rare extenuating circumstances that may cause an assignment to be late. You may be asked to provide documentation to validate the extenuating circumstance. It will be at the professor's discretion to work out an appropriate extension or alternative assignment. 

Returning assignments

Assignments will be either returned via email, Blackboard or in class within a timeframe that is suitable for the professor to mark a large number of submissions. 

Academic misconduct

Section 5.15.1 in the Academic Calendar

Students must be informed of the university policy that any act of academic dishonesty is a serious offence. Plagiarism (the unacknowledged use of another writer’s work) may be dealt with by the instructor giving a zero on any assignment containing plagiarism in the course. A final grade of zero may be awarded to the student guilty of academic dishonesty, regardless of how well the student is doing in the course at the time. Please refer to the academic policy in the Academic Calendar.

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