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Bachelor of Education (BEd)

This program will prepare you to teach at either the Primary/Junior (P/J) level (Kindergarten to Grade 6) or at the Intermediate/Senior (I/S) level (Grades 7 to 12).

16-month Bachelor of Education (BEd) program

Our enhanced BEd program takes a fresh look at teacher education in the 21st century. The program is still designed to help teacher candidates become familiar with basic skills of teaching, while at the same time encouraging them to focus on how students learn in a digital age and in the present Ontario context.

The emphasis on technology in learning and teaching is a defining element of the university's BEd program. Teacher candidates use technology in their own learning experiences to understand how to integrate technology into classroom practice. Courses use inquiry and problem-solving approaches with a focus on the importance of subject matter as the catalyst for teacher-learner interaction, as well as individual learning and teaching in shaping learning conditions.

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