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Research labs

The Educational Informatics Laboratory (EILab)

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The Educational Informatics Laboratory (EILab) is used by a group of UOIT researchers who share a social-constructivist vision of education. These like-minded researchers from a number of UOIT faculties consider that with the adoption and use of digital technologies across all sectors of society and in most parts of the world, the representation, generation and dissemination of information - and the concept of knowledge - is changing.

The rapid evolution of digital technology and the information revolution have a significant impact on the need for continuing education across disciplines. At the EILab, researchers are working on a series of projects regarding the concept of informatics as applied to disciplines in the context of lifelong learning, including:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Sciences

One common element is the various projects in the study of human-computer-human interaction in different forms of online learning. They share an objective to develop research initiatives in:

  • Computer-mediated communications
  • E-learning
  • M-learning

We share a vision that moves education from content-centered, teacher-driven designs to process-centered, learner-driven approaches to building new theories, practices, structures and processes of knowledge creation, preservation and transmission.

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The Digital Literacies Research and Development Lab (DLRD)

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The Digital Literacies Research and Development Lab is located in the Education Building at UOIT's downtown Oshawa location. The physical space features two class sets of tablets (iPads and Android devices), as well as teleconferencing equipment for virtual collaboration and communication.

The lab also hosts a dynamic group of researchers who are committed to community outreach and teaching for social justice. We use a sociocultural perspective that views literacy as practice. Digital literacies encompass all conceptions of engaging in meaning-making, mediated by texts that are read, received, interpreted, produced and distributed through digital means. We are particularly interested in how digital media enable users to teach, learn, connect, collaborate, communicate, critique, create and promote social change.

Our researchers are also committed to innovative and creative forms of research dissemination, by leveraging social media and using digital tools of all kinds. While the central mandate of the DLRD Lab is to facilitate research and development, we also offer instructional support and research dissemination through a series of workshops, institutes and presentations that are open to the research community, the educational community and the general public.

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