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Special Education Specialist AQ

Course code: EDAQ 6103C
Format: Blended

Special Education Specialist is open to all elementary or secondary teachers who have a basic qualification in general studies and who wish to deepen further their knowledge regarding students identified as exceptional. You must have obtained the pre-requisite qualification course, Special Education Part 2. 

Special Education Specialist extends the knowledge and skills of Part 2 and continues to focus on theory and practice in special education. Critical to the delivery of special education is the ability of teachers to ensure positive learning experiences for students. The Special Education Specialist course provides you with more in-depth information and practice in special education. As well, it focuses on leadership in the field of special education. The course continues to foster discussion on important issues that culminate in a Practical Leadership Project relevant to teachers.

See Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) guidelines for more details about this course.


  • OCT Certificate of Qualification
  • Successful completion of Special Education Part 2, and proof that the qualification is noted on the Ontario College of Teachers' Certificate of Qualification; and
  • Evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience in Ontario including at least one school year of experience in Ontario in the subject listed above certified by the appropriate supervisory officer by submitting a Certificate of Teaching Experience. 
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