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Certificate in Dance and Movement Literacy

Offered by UOIT's Faculty of Education

Designed by Michelle Hillier, Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)

Program learning outcomes

The Certificate in Dance and Movement Literacy is an introduction to hands-on practical uses of dance and movement for teaching children and youth in elementary schools and or community/recreation settings as both a subject and teaching pedagogy, using The Groove EDGEucation as a teaching approach. All sessions are active, experiential and use technology to support participants to become more confident and competent with using dance as a teaching tool. Participants will be exposed to learning materials, resources, pedagogical frameworks and teaching strategies to help with program planning, implementation and assessment. 

Admission criteria

This certificate does not have any admission criteria. It is suggested that candidates have some background working with children in a teaching setting to best understand the basic principles of teaching and learning for ages four to 12.


  • Wednesday, February 15
  • Wednesday, February 22
  • Wednesday, March 1


  • Education Building, Rooms 212 and 213


  • 6 to 9 p.m.

Minimum number

  • 20 candidates

Maximum number

50 candidates


  • $125 plus HST for all three modules to receive the Certificate in Dance and Movement Literacy ($50 plus HST for stand-alone modules)

Instructional leader

  • Michelle Hillier, Bachelor of Education, OCT (biography below)

Program structure

To complete and receive the Certificate in Dance and Movement Literacy, candidates must complete all three modules, each of which is three hours long (nine hours total). Candidates may also enrol in any 'stand-alone' module.

Resource requirements (human and physical)

Due to the experiential nature of the modules, physical movement is crucial for success, so it is expected that all candidates will be actively involved in all activities each class. To do so, candidates require:

  • clothing comfortable enough to move in
  • indoor running shoes or dance shoes (be prepared to work barefoot at times)
  • water bottle
  • journal or notebook
  • open space for movement
  • laptop or iPad

Certificate in Dance and Movement Literacy

  • Three modules, each three hours long.
  • Total for all three modules = nine hours.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Dance and Movement
    • three hours
    • face to face

    Overall learning goals:

    • Why dance?
    • How to set up a safe and successful environment for dance and movement to happen.
    • Hands-on exploration of all the elements of dance (body, space, time, energy, relationship).
    • CODE and Arts Alive website review.
    • View A Pretty Dig and relate the elements of dance to the video clip and discussion around how this would work for your students.
    • How to deal effectively with technology to enhance your teaching of dance (finding and managing music and online videos for support).
    • Assessing and evaluating what the learning looks like in a dance environment using technology-based ideas for peer and self-assessment.

    Cost: $50 plus HST (if registered in all three modules, the total cost is $125 plus HST).

  • Module 2: The Groove: A Pedagogical Framework to Facilitating Dance and Movement
    • three hours
    • face to face

    Overall learning goals:

    • What is The Groove?
    • The Groove is a movement-based approach to facilitate dance that provides equal engagement of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of the student. Connections from dance to personal and interpersonal skills such as self-awareness, confidence, healthy peer interactions, mindfulness and self-expression will be explored.
    • Exploration of online video tutorials as a modality for teacher learning (
    • Learn how The Groove is a tool for learning and promotes physical, mental, social and emotional health by engaging the body, brain and being.
    • Participation in learning activity and peer teaching of The Groove with instructor feedback.

    Cost: $50 plus HST (if registered in all three modules, the total cost is $125 plus HST).

  • Module 3: Connecting Dance to Health and Physical Literacy (designed for health and physical education teachers who teach dance within their program)
    • three hours
    • face to face

    Overall learning goals:

    • What is physical literacy? Learn about its importance to a student’s health and physical education (HPE) program.
    • Movement competencies within dance:
    • Using apps for dance and HPE education - comparison and evaluation:  
    • Fundamental movement skills connections to dance (early years focus).
    • What does a dance unit look like in a quality HPE program?
    • Assessment and evaluation of dance within the context of HPE.

    Cost: $50 plus HST (if registered in all three modules, the total cost is $125 plus HST)


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About Michelle Hillier, BEd, OCT

Michelle Hillier is a passionate educational presenter and consultant teaching in the BEd at UOIT, Dance AQ course at York, and co-owns The Groove EDGEucation. Using dance as a powerful tool to TOTAL health, Hillier has inspired more than half a million students and teachers across Canada and the U.S. through professional development, workshops, presentations and resources to think outside the box and bring movement creativity to their classrooms.

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